By Hugo Miro, Head of Operations at Hugo Labs, Hugo, France, January 06, 2019, 20:12:26Czech crypto-currency company Hugo is looking for a team of engineers, product developers, and business experts to work on the company’s upcoming Invitado ICO, according to a press release issued by Hugo on January 6, 2019.

Hugo said the ICO will be a “totally decentralized, trustless, and transparent digital asset token.”

The company will also build its own crypto-token called “Invitado,” which will be used to “unlock” additional services and products.

Hugos Invitadas will be traded on the Ethereum network and are expected to be launched sometime in 2019.

According to the company, Hugos INVITADOS tokens will be worth around US$1,700, while the tokens will last around a year.

The company plans to launch a token sale of its own on January 11, 2019 in which Hugos shares will be transferred from the ETH-based INVITADS token to the ETH tokens of other investors.

In exchange for ETH tokens, the company plans on transferring 100% of the company and its existing customers to the INVITADA tokens.

“We are looking for engineers, business people, product creators, and developers,” Hugo co-founder and CEO, Hugo Márquez, told CoinDesk.

“We have a lot of experience in building decentralized applications, including building our own crypto tokens.

The company is looking to get as many people as possible involved in this project.”

Hugo said it will be hiring around 10 people in the coming months.

The Hugo team, led by Hugo Mírquez and Hugo Sánchez, will have a “great working relationship with the community,” according to Hugo.

“Hugo is the leader in the field of decentralized applications,” the company added.

Hugo’s ICO will launch on the ETH network on January 10, 2019 at 2:00 UTC (15:00 GMT) and will be open to anyone with an Ethereum-based wallet.

“It is possible to participate in the ICO as long as you have an ETH wallet,” Hugos co-founders explained.

Hugos INVINDA tokens will remain “available for use by anyone.”

The company plans for INVINADA to be used for the purchase of Hugos products and services and will also be available for the creation of a new business or a new cryptocurrency.

The INVITada tokens will also serve as the main token for the company.

“Invite your friends and colleagues to participate, to contribute, and to make Invitada an even better platform for the world,” Hugoes stated.

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