DUNCAN, Australia — The Australian Museum has been ordered to remove an invitation for a birthday party to be held at the museum in the lead-up to its 65th birthday.

The invitation for the birthday celebration was posted on its Facebook page on Friday with a photo of a man wearing a T-shirt with the words “Welcome to Australia” on it, the ABC reported.

It is one of two invitations to the annual birthday bash which is being held at The Australian Museum, where guests will get a chance to meet the new and very popular Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The invite states: “Come along with your guests and celebrate our 65th Birthday.

The Australian Museums Birthday is April 10th.

There will be a reception with lots of fun, and a chance for a good time.”

It goes on to say that guests will also be able to meet other famous Australian celebrities, including: actor Michaela Wilson, actor Chris Pratt, actress Kate Hudson, musician Chris Martin and author and activist Malala Yousafzai.

The other invitation says: “Dinner at the Museum is on Saturday.

Enjoy a BBQ at the restaurant for just $60 a head.”

The invitation also mentions that the venue will be “largely free of any pets” but warns: “Please bring your own food”.

The Australian Society of Museums has been notified of the invitation, and has contacted the museum to have the invitation removed.

The Australian Parks and Wildlife Service (APWRS) said the invitation had been sent out to people who would have attended the birthday bash but were “uncomfy” about it.

“The APWRS is concerned about the inappropriate nature of the invitations, and is seeking further information from the Australian Museum,” a spokeswoman said.

“APWrs concerns are based on a number of reasons, including that the invitation does not meet APWrs guidelines for a “no pets” invitation, it does not appear that it is compliant with the APW RS guidelines, and the Australian museum does not seem to have a formal policy against the use of animals in such invitations.”

A statement has also been made to the APWPRS that it will be working with APWRC to look into the matter.

“The invitation has not been returned to ABC News, nor has the Australian Society responded to ABC’s request for comment.

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