It’s time to make your next big big event a lot more special!

I was so excited to finally get my hands on the Google invite to the wedding of my friend and fellow blogger/travel writer, Lauren Bynum.

I’ve been meaning to get this invitation for a while now and I was super excited to make one for her. 

I had so many things to work on to make the invitations work, but at the same time I knew I needed to have it printed. 

So Lauren asked if I would be willing to print the invitation for her wedding and I agreed! 

The first thing I did was look at my family tree and I immediately knew it needed to be an invitation to a wedding. 

“Oh my gosh, this is amazing!”

Lauren exclaimed when I told her I’d like to make a guest book to help her plan a special wedding.

“You need a guest list, Lauren! 

It will take all my free time!” 

“Of course I can do that! 

Here’s my guest list for you.” 

I quickly added Lauren’s husband, Ben, and their two daughters and the rest was history! 

I knew this would be a huge undertaking, but I was confident I could do it. 

The plan was simple: Lauren would get her husband and kids to get ready for the wedding by doing the usual “getting ready” (or, “prepping”) for her and Ben. 

Then Lauren would have them come up with an appropriate party and then Lauren would make the invitation and hand it out to guests. 

After the ceremony was over, Lauren would then hand the invitation to her family and Ben would hand it back to Lauren. 

This was my plan, Lauren.

If you are planning a wedding for someone special, this plan is for you! 

As Lauren was getting ready to go on her honeymoon with her family, I had already made a guest page and a guest card. 

To make the guest list more special, Lauren had her family make a list of her friends and family. 

(I did this because I thought it would be fun to make everyone on the list a guest and give Lauren some extra extra motivation to get the invitations out to the guests.) 

I added the list to the guest page as well as the guest card and it turned out to be a big hit with guests! 

So now Lauren had the invitations to the event on her wedding guest list. 

Lauren was absolutely thrilled and she told me she couldn’t believe the reception and party was going well. 

That was all that I needed, right? 

The next step was to get everyone ready to come to the event. 

In order to make this event a little more special for guests, I decided to make my guests wear a white tuxedo. 

With the guest lists already out, I made sure the tuxes were in order for the party. 

All of the guests wore white tights, so Lauren could choose the color she wanted to wear, and I had a few different tights to choose from. 

Each tux was designed to go with Lauren’s traditional white wedding gown. 

When Lauren was ready to head to the reception, she wanted her guests to get dressed and head to her own private bathroom. 

She had the guests in the bathtub while Ben and her daughters were in the kitchen. 

We had them sit on the bath, and as soon as they were ready to shower, Lauren turned off the lights and let the guests soak in the shower. 

While the guests were in there, Lauren told them to bring their own white t-shirts. 

Once everyone was ready, Lauren headed to the door, where she asked everyone to put their tuxedos on. 

There was no need to put the t-shirt on first, because Lauren was going to wear it herself. 

And she did. 

 Laurels guests were so surprised that she had brought them the tights for their wedding.

The wedding party was so happy to have Lauren wear a tux, and Lauren couldn’t have been more proud of herself.

When Lauren walked through the door at the reception on the wedding day, she was greeted by guests from all over the world. 

Her reception included an awesome reception table, a beautiful chandelier, a wedding cake, a great reception dress, a bouquet of flowers, a champagne toast and a giant cake! 

In addition to the beautiful reception table and chandeliers, Lauren also designed a cake for the reception. 

It had a white background and was covered with a white cake, and it looked so gorgeous that everyone loved it.

Lauren wanted to show guests that this was a great wedding and the wedding party wanted to see her own cake!

I think the best part about Lauren’s wedding was the cake itself! 

Laurans wedding cake had a wonderful red

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