Magnus Carlssen has set his sights on the world’s best challenger to his title as he faces the world No.2, Hikaru Nakamura, in a rematch of last year’s Grand Chess Tour event at the Ritz-Carlton in Singapore.

Carlsen, 35, is not the first to challenge Nakamura in recent years, and it has become a common practice in the chess world to play the challenger when they meet.

It has been Carlsen’s favorite strategy, and he has shown it often.

Last year, the Norwegian faced Nakamura for the first time in four years in the first of two scheduled matches at the event.

The pair played to a draw, with Carlsen winning a pawn on move 21 and a piece on move 22.

This year, Nakamura has been more consistent, winning all three games Carlsen has played against him.

The last time he played against Carlsen was in 2017, and the results have been similar.

In 2018, Carlsen also faced Magnus Carlet, the first challenger to become a world champion since Alexander Kramnik in 1998.

In the semifinals, Carlet defeated Carlsen 6-3, 5-6, 7-6.

In this year’s event, Carlsen will face Nakamura at the Singapore Grand Chess Festival in September.

The winner of the RTS Grand Chess Tournament will earn a $10 million prize, a first in the world.

It is the second-largest prize ever paid for a chess tournament, behind the $100 million purse that was given to David Nalbandian in 2000.

The RTS grand chess tournament is the only grand chess competition held in the United States and has been sponsored by the National Chess Federation since it was founded in 2007.

The RTS was founded by two American chess players, Michael Adams and James Levchenko, and a number of Russian and Chinese players.

It was originally hosted by the chess grand master Boris Spassky, who played against the Russian and Polish grandmasters.

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