The Republican party is about to have its most shocking political moment since the war on drugs.

That moment, at least, comes in a big way.

When President Donald Trump takes office, Republicans will be on the ropes and they will have little choice but to reorient themselves to the conservative wing of the party.

The party, in short, will be in a state of flux.

This is the story of how the party was born, and it will explain why Republicans need to get the party to the center.

I wrote an article in late 2016 titled What I Think the GOP Will Look Like in 2020, and this is what I wrote in the weeks after Trump’s victory: The Republicans have a lot to learn from their primary opponents in the 2020 election.

They will have to learn how to make compromises and build coalitions in the same way they did in 2016, when they tried to destroy Bernie Sanders’ chances of winning the nomination.

The same will apply to 2020, when Trump will have a harder time winning the general election.

In a general election, there is a chance that the president’s supporters will turn on him in the early months of his administration, and they may do so in large numbers.

They might then decide to stick with the president for the duration of his presidency.

Or they might just give up entirely.

That’s when the Trumpian playbook will be most effective.

The GOP has never had a real base of support until now.

It is a party of the extreme right and a party that is far more interested in the presidency than the rest of the country.

The Republican Party is about the right to keep its own house in order, and that is why it will have its greatest chance to build its base in 2020.

If it continues to be that way, the GOP will be much more successful in 2020 than in 2016.

But if the party is to remain a majority party in the Senate, it will need to make big changes in order to win in 2020 and in the next election.

That will be the big question.

Will it be enough to get Democrats to the table in 2020?

Will it make enough of an impact to get Republicans to the Senate?

Will Republicans win enough Senate seats to hold the majority in the House?

It’s possible that it won’t matter in all three categories, but the answer is likely yes.

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