By Jennifer HuttonPublished June 06, 2018 09:32:21Happy Birthday to you!

Your digital birthday invite is here!

You can now send birthday invites to friends, family and coworkers, thanks to the latest version of the Apple’s Calendar app, available in the United States and Canada.

It can also be sent to friends and family through the new Apple Pay app, and the iOS app, Apple said in a blog post.

Apple says that the new version of Calendar lets you add new calendars for new friends, contacts and colleagues, so you can make birthday invitations to your friends and relatives.

To make an invitation, you just click the “Add To Calendar” button on the top right corner of the calendar.

You’ll see a list of all the calendars you can add.

To send an invitation to a friend, you can select them from the list and then click the button to add them to your calendar.

To a contact, you’ll see an “Add” button next to each friend, and then add them by clicking the “Invite” button.

If you want to add an invitation on a calendar you don’t have, you simply select the “Notify Me” button at the bottom right corner.

You can also add calendars to a calendar in the “Create New” section, as well as add an invite to the “Delete From Calendar” section.

The new Calendar also allows you to edit calendars by going to the edit menu, and editing a calendar by clicking a calendar, or changing the date on a day, and clicking the calendar again.

The Apple Watch app also offers a calendar feature that lets you view your upcoming calendar appointments on the Apple Watch, or by using a mobile phone app.

To add a calendar to a personal calendar, just select the calendar you want, then click on the “add” button, which will pop up a list that shows all the calendar events you can edit.

To view your calendar, open up the Apple Calendar app on your watch, and select “Calendar.”

You’ll see the list of events that are in the calendar, and a calendar will appear.

To edit a calendar event, you need to select the day of the week, which is listed on the calendar in a drop-down menu.

To delete a calendar from a calendar simply click on it.

Apple said it will continue to update Calendar to better integrate with the Apple Music service and the new iPhone, and to provide other Apple services, such as its Apple Pay service.

Apple also said it is adding new Apple Watch features to make it easier to see calendar reminders and reminders to be sent on an iPhone, iPad or Mac, and for more personalized reminders to email you.

Apple Watch and Apple Music are available for free to users in the US and Canada through the Apple Pay online payment app.

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