WEDDING INVITES are the latest to be flooded with invitations for your wedding, thanks to a trend in the wedding industry that’s being dubbed the “elegance wedding invitation.”

The trend started in 2011, when wedding planners began to sell invitations with simple designs to wedding attendees, often featuring floral arrangements, as a way to appeal to younger and more casual wedding guests.

The trend was so popular, in fact, that the Wedding Planning Association of America (WPAA) in 2013 issued guidelines to help wedding planners keep up with the trend and ensure invitations are “inclusive” and “not limiting.”

However, as more wedding invitations became available, wedding planners realized there was more room for creativity, and they started adding more embellishments, such as flowers, to the invitations.

To create an elegant wedding invitation, wedding planning experts say, you should add flowers, textured patterns and decorative touches that will make it stand out in your reception.

For instance, you could add a rose or a chiffon ribbon, which are traditionally considered a more formal style, to a traditional wedding invitation.

In addition, wedding guests will often look for embellishment to make their wedding invitations even more personal, so it’s a good idea to get creative and add a little more to your invitation.

A bride wearing a red, white and blue ribbon at a reception in New York.

Source: Getty ImagesFor example, you might include a heart-shaped “heart” or a ribbon with an animal, such a a a cat or horse, on the outside of the invitation.

This will add a touch of romance and warmth to your invitations, and the guest will be able to see that you care about their special day.

As for embellishment, you can also add the names of friends and family members, or even include a picture of the bride and groom on the invitation itself.

You can even add a flower arrangement for a traditional-looking wedding, but it should be in the background of the invitations, so guests can still see the ceremony.

Finally, don’t forget to include a special invitation card with the invitation and your wedding date and time, which will be included with your invitations for the reception and the wedding itself.

While a lot of wedding planners will recommend adding more floral touches to your wedding invitations in an effort to bring out the “wow factor,” there are still some wedding planners who feel that adding more decoration is the right thing to do, according to Wedding Planning magazine.

A groom wearing a flower print at a wedding in San Francisco.

Source:”A few years ago, we had to add more embellishment to our invitations, but we still didn’t have enough room to include the floral arrangements and textured designs that the new guests wanted, so we decided to add them in.

We were also working on our wedding day and the invitation would have been too long, so that’s why we added a little extra textured floral arrangements.”

For more wedding planning tips, check out our list of wedding guides, wedding etiquette and more.

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