The White House is not the only place to see the President-elect’s first week in the White House.

Here are five other places to watch: * The National Parks: A full day in the sun, the Presidents Day parade, and the inaugural ball is on its way to Washington, D.C., this week.

* The Capitol: It’s the day President-Elect Donald Trump and his team start to move into the Capitol, where the president-elect is set to officially take office.

* Washington’s Transit District: It looks like President Trump is heading to his first stop on the inaugural tour, a stop at the Washington Transit District.

* And the Mall: This is the day the new President-at-Large arrives to begin his presidency.

* What to watch for at the inaugural ceremony on Jan. 20, 2017: * There are a few surprises in store.

Here’s what to look out for: * What you should know about the Trump administration: * Trump’s Cabinet: Trump’s first Cabinet is in place, but there are still a few new faces to watch.

* Vice President-Elected: President-At-Large Mike Pence is the Vice President elect, and his appointment could make or break the Trump presidency.

Pence’s confirmation has been controversial, and Democrats and liberals are eager to see his policies implemented.

* Congress: The Senate has a very short-term majority and Republicans have a strong majority in the House.

The president-Elect will have to choose his top-level advisers, appoint key Cabinet positions, and negotiate with the Senate over issues like trade, immigration, and infrastructure.

* On Capitol Hill: The President-in-Waiting, Trump’s new Chief of Staff, Kellyanne Conway, will be sworn in on Thursday.

Trump will also hold a press conference on Friday morning.

* More to watch from the inauguration: *The inauguration will kick off on Thursday night, and will be broadcast live on NBC and ABC.

The White house will also be livestreamed, but you won’t get to see it live.

This is your best chance to watch in person.

The inauguration will also feature a number of official events and celebrations.

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