This year, a couple of friends decided to buy a birthday cake that had been on the market for almost a decade.

They were able to find one for Rs 12,000 and the price fell by a tenth.

“They did not know that this was a 40-year-old cake, so they went on the internet and came across this cake,” says Sanjeev Sharma, the owner of the store in New Delhi.

He has been baking cakes for years.

A 40-centimetre cake has been on sale for nearly 40 years, he says.

“The cake came to my store and they asked if we could put it on the shelf.

I said, ‘Yes, let me have it’.

It is quite an achievement.”

A 40 year old cake is priced at Rs 12 lakh, or about US$16,500.

A 20-cent cake is about $8,200.

The owner of this cake shop in New, Delhi, is happy to have it on display, but he is not sure if he will be able to sell it.

“We are selling it because it has a 40 year mark.

We want to preserve it.

We are not going to sell the cake because it is old.

But it is not as old as we expected,” he says, adding that he had not been able to decide on how to sell this cake.

Shrager says that a 40 cent cake will fetch around $8.5 to $10 per piece.

He is planning to sell more of the old cakes.

“If people buy it for 10, 15, 20 times the price, it is a good deal,” he adds.

The sales are part of a programme of selling old cakes and the cake shop is trying to raise awareness of old cake sales and encourage customers to return them.

“For the 40th wedding anniversary, there will be two cake shops in New.

We will have a small cafe in one of the two.

The 50th wedding will be the same,” Sharma says.

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