How to get married online in under 30 minutes

Virtual wedding invitations are now a thing of the past, with companies like WeddingWire and WeddingDigital already offering you a way to invite your friends and family to your wedding.If you are one of the lucky few who still can’t get the chance to get a digital invitation, you may want to give them a […]

When the Wedding Guests Show Up to Your Housewarming Invitation Template

A wedding invitation is not just a simple invitation for a date, but it also has an extensive list of details.Here’s how to create a list of what to include on your invitation.The invitation is the first thing guests see when they arrive to your housewarming party.They’re going to be asking you to send a […]

When the dust settles, the most expensive bay hill in India is no longer the cheapest

Bay Hill, a popular destination in south-western India, is one of the priciest areas of Indian villages in the country.With its sweeping view of the sea, the hill is popular with backpackers and families of all kinds.The hill is known as Bay Hill Village because it has a large number of people living in its […]

‘Wedding Invitation Only’ fonts are ‘inappropriate for modern weddings,’ says designer

Digital wedding invitations, which are designed for online wedding invitations and are popular with wedding photographers, have become a hot topic of debate among designers.Some wedding invitations have a word cloud, which is a series of symbols, such as arrows, that form a word.In digital wedding invitations this word cloud can be confusing, because a […]

5 ways to decorate your wedding invitations 2018

The theme for our next event was an invitation to an event.I had a few ideas for decorations, but I was a bit nervous about having a lot of them hanging up in my room, so I decided to create a simple, but elegant, and fun set of wedding invitations that I could put up […]

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