This one’s a bit of a stretch, but I think it’s the one with the best title: “Dinosaurs might have been a bunch of assholes.” 

I’ve been a fan of the book for a long time, and my initial reaction to it was that the book’s story was a bit too complex and convoluted for my tastes. 

It also didn’t really seem to fit with the “big, scary dinosaur” type of narrative I like to see in books. 

That said, it’s a fascinating read. 

And I have to admit, I’m not completely convinced it’s just a good excuse for my friend’s parents to invite them to a dinosaur birthday party. 

I mean, why would they invite a dinosaur to a family birthday party when they could’ve just invited some other animal or person? 

This is the sort of thing I like a lot, but it still makes me think, “Oh, well, I’ll have to do it again.”

As a dinosaur lover, I’ve always enjoyed seeing my friends’ parents bring friends to their birthday parties. 

There’s something special about seeing your friends, and especially your own, get to meet other like-minded people and have fun together. 

When my mom and dad invited my friends to the birthday party, I couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for them. 

“Do you know what I’m going to do for this?” they asked. 

Sure enough, I told them, “Yeah, I want to come.” 

They agreed.

 I think they also appreciated that I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

They weren’t overly nervous or afraid to get the ball rolling, so they seemed genuinely excited. 

Then they showed up to the party and, after I told my friends I was going to invite everyone, they were all pretty nervous. 

One of them even asked if I’d been to Jurassic Park and how they were going to know I was coming.

My friends had just been to a wedding. 

The bride and groom were in the midst of an elaborate ceremony, and I was a few feet away, having just gotten ready to eat dinner with them.

I knew I was in for a surprise when they all started to make out.

“I thought I’d like to just make out with you, so we can talk,” said one of the parents. 

As they began to kiss and fondle each other, I was more than a little uncomfortable. 

They were making out in front of my friends, who were all just sitting there, as if they were in awe. 

But then I heard the sound of a loud thump.

I turned around to see a massive dinosaur stomping around on the ground.

It looked like it was coming to attack them.

In my head, I thought I saw a lot of dinosaur skeletons at the wedding, so I went into my bedroom to see what I could find.

There were a lot more dinosaurs there, but they were only all standing there, so it wasn’t a big deal.

But then they started to walk back toward the house.

The dinosaur was running back toward me, so when it got to the door, it didn’t stop and look back at me.

Instead, it turned and stared straight ahead at the wall, its head almost tilted up. 

No wonder it was so excited.

As I started to back away, I turned around and realized I had the perfect excuse to walk into their room.

One of the dads took out his cell phone and started recording a video of them.

I had to do a quick quick edit to keep it short, but this was what I saw:  Dad: I’m really proud of you, and the whole family is really happy for you.

Mom: It’s okay, Dad.

Dad: What’s going on?

Mom: They’re playing a video game.

Dad (on phone): Yeah.

Mom (off phone): That’s the video game we were playing.

Dad : Oh!

Mom (on cellphone): What is that?

Dad: I don’t know.

Mom on phone: We were playing Pokemon Go.

Dad on phone (on cell phone): What?

Mom (phone on phone): They’re just talking.

Dad is calling mom on the phone: Hello?

Mom on cellphone: They don’t seem to be playing any video games.

Dad’s phone: Yeah, I know.

I’ve got it on.

Mom calls dad: Oh, yeah, I saw that.

This is a perfect example of why it’s important to keep your friends in the dark when it comes to dinosaur birthday parties, and it’s also a perfect reason why you should make sure your friends are there when you invite them.

You can see this in action by going to the app, and clicking on “Friends.” You

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