When a unicorn comes along to a family’s house to sing to the guests, the invitation is almost always going to be something more than a birthday wish.

“It’s more than just a gift,” says Mark Boulton, a wedding planner based in Washington, DC, who says he frequently asks couples about their unicorns.

“We want it to be meaningful.”

Boulson and other wedding planners have long been using the term “unicorn birthday” to describe a particular event, such as an engagement, a new baby’s arrival, or a special wedding.

Boulion’s company, The Wedding Bureau, makes unicorns-themed invitations and keeps track of their popularity online.

“I’ve seen couples go through their unicorn birthday gifts with a mixture of excitement and disbelief,” Boulons’ blog states.

“Sometimes, they’re so excited they’re crying, sometimes they’re just happy to have the gift with them.”

Boulsons’ unicorn birthday invitation is not the only one that’s become viral, and Bouloons’ company says it has received more than 60,000 responses since its launch on November 13.

Some of those responses are even more unusual than his.

“People have been sharing their unicorn birthday wishes on the internet, and some of them are so funny and so adorable,” Boulson says.

“But the majority of the ones that are not so funny, are really touching and touching and beautiful.”

Bodies are covered with love and happiness in these unicorns’ invitations, but the unicorn in question is actually just a cute, fluffy creature.

“Most people are just trying to make the most of what is around them and that’s not necessarily what makes them happy,” Boys of the Night founder Daniel Babbin says.

He adds that while most of the responses have been positive, some are just plain weird.

For instance, Boultons’ invitation is called “Darling.”

“The unicorn is a real-life example of a person who has been touched by the unicorn,” Babbins explains.

“The unicorns are not the characters in this story, but it is the unicorn who’s made a person feel loved, who’s had a real impact on their life.”

For Boulions, the unicorn birthday wish is also a gift.

“Some people love unicorns more than others, but everyone has their own favorite type of unicorn,” he says.

If you’re looking to make an invitation that is not only a birthday gift, but also a way for your guests to experience a little bit of love, you should contact Boulsons Wedding Bureau.

“If they’re happy to meet and share their unicorn with the world, then that’s all that matters,” he adds.

Boulsions unicorn birthday is one of the few requests that Babbens personally receives from couples, but he adds that other requests come from friends and family members as well.

“When someone tells me that their unicorn is really special to them, it’s really important that we keep that in mind,” Bousson says.

Boys & Co. will be publishing the full list of unicorns that are trending this holiday season, and we’ll be updating this post with the latest results.

Read more about unicorns on Smithsonian.com:

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