A year ago, Google introduced a new search feature that allowed people to search for the word “royal” on their phone.

The search results now have a different search box: royal wedding invitations.

While that may sound like an insignificant change, the Google team thought the feature would help people find the invitations, so they kept it.

That’s when the company realised it could also give people a way to invite their friends to the royal wedding, a feature Google is now adding to its search results. 

“This is something we think is a natural extension of the [Google] search feature, but one that we didn’t think of before,” said one Google engineer.

“We thought the best way to make it more useful would be to do it as an invitation to invite friends.” 

How the invite works Google says the new invite is designed to be simple to understand and that it is meant to be as “unassuming” as possible.

“The invite is the most basic thing you’ll see in the search results,” Google said in a blog post.

“As such, it will appear first on search results and the invite will appear at the bottom of the results page.”

Why the change?

Because Google’s search engine has become “a place for everyone to see a curated list of search results”, according to a blog entry from Google’s product manager, Chris Waddell.

“It’s important to us that people who have the most to say, like to read about it or even know about it, have access to the most relevant results,” Waddll said.

“With the invite, you can search for it by keyword, or you can simply click on the ‘invite’ link in the middle of the search result page.” 

Is it a good thing? 

“I think it’s great that people are asking Google to add the invite,” said Lauren Schulte, a senior marketing manager at B&H Photo.

“Google has always had a reputation for not being very open with its search functionality, and it’s nice to see them finally doing something about that.

It’ll definitely help get more people on board, which I think is really important.” 

The invite doesn’t offer much insight into what you’ll be invited to Google is adding this feature to search results because it will show only the invitations that have been sent to your email address, but Google says it will still help you find more of your friends’ invitees.

“I can’t wait to see what they’re doing with this new feature,” said Waddill.

What you can do to help Google make it easier to invite your friends Google says it has made several changes to help people create better invites, and this is one of the first of them.

“To help make your invite more memorable, we’ve added a link to our invite to friends page, and we’re adding a simple tool to help users find more invites to their friends,” said Schultee.

“If you have more than a couple of friends who live close by, you’ll also see the invites you sent to those friends in the invite list, with the same invite icon as the invitations you’ve sent to people nearby.”

Google says users can now send a single email address as a sender.

This means it is now possible to send a simple email to anyone who has an email address that’s associated with that address. 

What you’ll need to do to get invitations sent to friends To get invites to your friends, you will need to go to your Google Search Console, and click on “invite invite”.

From there, click on ‘add sender’ to add a new sender to your invite list. 

Once a sender has been added to your list, click ‘send invitations’ to send invitations to friends who are on your invite. 

Google recommends sending invitations to more than one person in your group, as well as inviting a person who you know you won’t be able get to the wedding.

“This will let you know when someone in your party is at the wedding and make sure you don’t miss out,” said Google.

How to invite someone to the Royal Family? 

Once you have sent an invite to your friend, you should also invite them to a wedding, but that’s a little more complicated.

“Invite invitation sends an email to your account to let the invite sender know that someone in their email is invited to the event,” said Google.

“Once you send an invite, it’ll show in the invitations section of your search results for your friend.

It’s a good idea to add someone in the invitation list to make sure that everyone is invited.” 

When a person is invited, they will see an email from Google with a link that opens in their browser.

Once you click on that link, the email will show up in your email inbox and your friends will see it in their Google Search console. 

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