You’re probably familiar with invitations to family and friends.

But, do you know how to make them for yourself?

If you’re looking for a freebie, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve compiled a collection of free birthday invitations that you can print out and send out to all your friends.

Here are the easy steps: 1.

Start by making a copy of the invitation card.

Make sure the card is at least 8″x11″ in size.

If it’s not, use a smaller card.


Fill in the info about the person you want to invite to your birthday party.

(Optional) Fill in a short bio about yourself.


Print the invitations out.

(optional) Print out the invitations and leave them with your friend.

If you do this, you can send them out at any time.

If they are delivered, your invitation card is returned to you!

Make a copy and return them to your friend so you don’t have to worry about forgetting your invitation.

If your friend has no birthday party, you’ll need to send the invitations to him or her at least once a month.

You can find out more about sending invitations from the Family Centre, Family Services or the Family Planning Service.

Learn more about invitations in our free tips article.

2 tips to make birthday invitations for a boy or girl – The first time you do it, make sure the invitations are sent with your phone.

(Picture: Alamy) 3 tips to use your smartphone for birthday invitations – Make sure you check the email address on the invitations before you send them.

If the email doesn’t say what the address is, it might be the wrong address.

If so, send them via email instead.


Once you’ve printed out your invitations, make them and attach them to a birthday card.

(picture: Alya Karkat/Getty Images) If you send the invitation in a different format than the photo, make a copy with the original card.

Then, use the card to create your own birthday card for yourself.

The first birthday card can be used as a gift for someone special.

Make a card that you send to them with a note and ask them to sign it.

You’ll get a card from your friend for them.

Make your own personalized birthday card and send it to a person special.

You might also use a photo to give them something to look forward to on their birthday.

4 tips to send birthday invitations to someone special – If you have friends or family that are friends or relatives of a birthday person, you may want to send them invitations instead of your actual birthday cards.

(A friend or relative of yours might even be an official friend of yours, but if not, they may have some of the same rights and obligations as you.)

If they can’t sign the invitation, then your invitation is sent back to you.

This could include a request for them to join you on a special day.

You may also want to include a birthday gift for them if they have it in your house.

The rules are different if you have no friends or don’t want to bother inviting them.

You’re welcome to ask your friend or relatives to sign your invitations to you and they can, but they should never sign them.

3 tips for sending birthday invitations on a smartphone – If the person’s phone is a smartphone, you should print out the invitation and send them it.

This is easy if the phone is compatible with your email address.

Make the invitation as big as possible and attach it to your phone, using your photo or note.

If possible, make it easy for them too.

When you send invitations to your friends, the invitations should be sent in the same way as your actual cards.

However, if you send out invitations to people that are only friends with your birthday friends, then you may need to make the invitations in a format different from your actual card.

You should also make sure that you get the correct email address for your birthday card, so that you don´t send the card back to them.

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