People who are already close to family members are not required to invite their friends over for Thanksgiving.

But if you want to invite a friend over for a family dinner, you need to know where they are.

And the first step is finding out their address, said Pam Mancini, a certified public accountant and owner of Mancinis Private Accountants in Portland, Oregon.

You can find their address on their driver’s license or a birth certificate, or on their Facebook page.

If your friends are not on Facebook, they can find it in your calendar.

If you are a family member, the first thing you should do is find out where they live, Mancinelli said.

Then you can schedule a private dinner, which can cost $20 or more.

The dinner is typically for a two- to three-hour wait.

The restaurant typically offers a vegetarian option, but you can add as many as three meats, she said.

Mancini said she’s seen Thanksgiving invitations sent out by Facebook that include only a meat option.

She advises against using Facebook to invite people over for dinner, as it may give your friends the wrong impression about your intentions.

You don’t want to have people expecting a Thanksgiving dinner, she added.

But she does advise against inviting friends of friends who are visiting from out of town, since they may not be on Facebook.

Mann is a Certified Public Accountant, who is a member of the American Bar Association and the National Association of Accountants.

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