A couple of weeks ago I saw a post on Instagram by a kid called James and his friend Zach, and I thought to myself, “What the heck is this?”

Zach and James are a group of five kids who have been obsessed with Lego since the age of four, and are now adults.

Their first project was an Lego Lego model of a robot called the R2-D2, which is essentially a robotic version of the iconic alien from Star Wars.

They also started building a Lego-inspired house, complete with an air-conditioning system.

(In case you were wondering, they got the house to work on its own.)

I met James and Zach a few weeks ago, and they were all excited about the future.

“The Lego Movie is finally here!” they exclaimed.

I asked them how their day would be different if they had an air conditioner in their house instead of a Lego robot.

“Oh, the air conditioning would be so much better!”

James replied.

“I can’t imagine having to be outside!”

Zach replied.

And I asked James how he would feel if he had to build his house in his own backyard.

“How will I feel?” he asked.

James explained that the air conditioners in his house would probably be cool enough to play with, but not so cool that it would make his kids nervous.

Zach said he would have to build it himself.

James said he already built his house and would have fun doing it.

I can imagine that.

The two brothers explained that they started out thinking of a garage as a place to build, and eventually decided to build a home with Lego.

They didn’t want to build something that would take up all of their time.

And since they wanted a garage that could be a place for the kids to spend time, they went with Lego because they thought the Lego garage would be easy to build.

It’s important to note that James and the other boys are not necessarily building a “cute house” for their friends to play in, but instead building a house that they can build themselves.

James told me that it wasn’t until they were building the house that he started thinking about the possibility of building a real house for himself, since it was a real thing.

“It was like, okay, we can actually build a house, it’s just a toy house,” James said.

And so they decided to focus on the Lego theme instead of the actual Lego.

“My house is built to be a toy, it doesn’t have to be anything.

We were like, let’s make it like an actual house.

But we also didn’t really think about the Lego because we’re not like a Lego family,” Zach said.

James, Zach, their parents and I all agreed that building a toy home was not something we wanted to do.

I was struck by the fact that the boys are all incredibly ambitious and ambitious kids, and it’s not something I expected to see them tackle.

And while James and Zack are still young enough that their projects aren’t yet complete, they seem to be getting better at the Lego-building game.

They’re building Lego buildings right now and posting about it on Instagram.

But I am interested to see how James and friends can build a real home for themselves.

“We can actually make it cool and we can build it ourselves.

We’re not a Lego building team,” James explained.

“So it’s really just building something that looks cool and something that’s not a toy.

And the kids can build whatever they want.”

And as for me, I would love to see a home where I could walk into and get a Lego car.

That might not be the next Star Wars movie, but it could be.

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