The amount of time and effort that goes into planning and executing a wedding can be staggering, especially if you are looking for a venue.

For example, it takes about three to four weeks for an actual wedding to get off the ground, which can be as long as six months.

But even if the wedding is a hit, it can be difficult to find a venue to host a virtual wedding.

According to research conducted by the National Conference of Indian Bodies and the Association of Indian Marriage Organisations (AMIO), as many as 60 per cent of Indian marriages have not been finalized.

“It’s an expensive and complicated task to arrange the wedding venue and the logistics involved,” says Javed Khan, CEO of the National Convention of Indian Manners.

It can also be difficult for a couple to find suitable venues.

“We have heard that about 70 per cent weddings are not finalized in their localities.

So a lot of people have not taken the time to go and find a suitable venue,” he says.

The real estate agent says that a lot depends on the budget of the couple.

“There are many things that go into the budget for a wedding,” he adds.

Some of the expenses for a virtual marriage can include the cost of wedding flowers, the venue, the wedding dress and even the dress itself.

If you are planning a wedding and you want to organise it online, you should contact a local real estate agents or social media sites like Vinder and Facebook to get your details and make arrangements.

“Online wedding booking portals can be quite costly, but they are not impossible,” says Akshay Kumar, director of Vinder.

He says that some real estate agencies charge about Rs 2,000 for online wedding booking, but you can find cheaper deals in some cities like Delhi.

“Some people are willing to pay for it,” he advises.

If a couple wants to have a virtual event in their town, they can arrange for an event manager to handle the logistics.

But for a smaller venue like a wedding in a local area, a couple can also arrange for the venue manager to organise their wedding.

You should also check with your local district authorities for details.

“You should make arrangements for the location and the date of the event, the number of guests, venue, reception, dress and venue-specific menu, etc.,” says Kumar.

“If you are going to an event at a local restaurant or bar, you can book an online event,” he suggests.

“Even if you don’t plan to have any reception or dinner, a virtual meal is a great way to make sure that everyone will enjoy the event.”

How to book your virtual wedding venue online How to find your virtual venue in India and online When looking for your wedding venue in a particular city, it may help to check online if you live in the area.

“The online wedding venue booking portals are great if you want a virtual space in your city,” says Vinay Kumar.

He is looking forward to visiting his virtual wedding event.

“Once I have booked my event, I will be able to schedule it from anywhere in India,” he said.

In fact, online booking portals have come in handy for wedding venues, too.

For instance, it was easy for him to book his wedding in Mumbai, where the availability of online booking is extremely limited.

“I am currently booking my wedding venue for the next five months and it will be at a wedding venue that has online booking,” he explains.

“When I go to the venue and ask them to accept my online booking, they are all excited to do so,” he added.

“They are ready to make arrangements.”

The bride and groom will then be invited to a reception at the venue where the venue-customised menu and catering will be provided.

“So far, I am happy with the venue,” says Kumar, who adds that he is happy with his online booking.

“But it is still a long process.”

How can you get more information about online wedding venues?

“There is no such thing as a perfect online venue,” explains Vinay.

“And I am glad that I was able to find one that worked for my wedding,” says the groom.

But it is important to make certain you have checked the website beforehand.

“Check the venue availability on the website before you book,” he advised.

If your venue is not on the list, it is possible that you might not be able have a wedding.

“As soon as you go to a venue and book it, you will have to go back to the website and check the availability again.

So, check all the venues online before you go,” says Ravi Kumar, CEO and founder of Vinders.

A wedding venue manager at a popular online venue in Mumbai says, “Online booking is the only way to find an online wedding in your locality.”

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