Virtual wedding invitations are now a thing of the past, with companies like WeddingWire and WeddingDigital already offering you a way to invite your friends and family to your wedding.

If you are one of the lucky few who still can’t get the chance to get a digital invitation, you may want to give them a whirl.

The technology has changed a bit since then, but in a way it hasn’t changed all that much.

While digital invitations have become more and more prevalent in recent years, it’s still a good idea to ensure you have the right invitation for your wedding and you’ll still be able to get one for free when you do get one.

“A digital invitation can be downloaded from any of the most popular wedding websites.

It’s easy to create a custom invitation for a special event,” WeddingWire’s Wedding Digital Specialist said.”

You can even create a wedding invitation for just about anything.”

Our WeddingWire Wedding invitations are 100% free and will allow you to use them for any event.

They also include wedding photos, a list of guest names and a venue name.

Virtual invitations are free and have no restrictions on the number of guests you can have or the size of your gathering.”

We’ve also provided you with a downloadable copy of the digital wedding invitation template for a lower cost,” the company said.

Virtual invitations are free and have no restrictions on the number of guests you can have or the size of your gathering.

WeddingsDigital recommends having around 10 people at the wedding.

If you are travelling for the wedding, you can ask someone else to bring a wedding cake for you to bake at home.

You can also order a pre-made cake and then bake the cake for a larger gathering, but that’s only possible if you ask your guest to cook and serve it yourself.

“It’s a good option if you’re travelling for a couple or group wedding, but you’ll want to arrange for a cake for your guests to enjoy while they’re there,” WeddingDigital said.

If that sounds like a bit of a pain, Virtual wedding invites are a great way to give guests the option of having their cake prepared by you.

“Our wedding invitations also include a list to invite friends and other guests for the party.

This is great for when guests are only coming in for a few hours, or if you want to invite a few friends to the event,” the WeddingWire wedding digital specialist said.

“WeddiesOnline offers guests the ability to create wedding invitations for up to 20 guests.”

WidowDigital offers free digital wedding invitations and a wedding planning kit.

For those of you planning to attend a wedding, there are also free wedding invitations available for pre-order.

If all that sounds pretty great, you should head to WeddingWire for more information on how to get an invitation.

For more wedding planning, check out our guide to wedding planning.

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