Guests of honor at Halloween parties will soon be getting invitations to their favorite haunts.

The White House announced the invitations Wednesday, calling them the “highest honor that a United States President can bestow upon a guest.”

The invitations are a welcome return to the traditional Hallowen style.

A Hallowee guest who was invited by a visiting American president, such as John F. Kennedy, would have received a Halloweek invitation.

Guests of the imperial family of the time, such a James Bond, would also have been invited to attend.

But the invitations were meant for a very different kind of invitation: guests who were guests of the British royal family or of royalty of that era.

The British were the first to offer the invitation to guests of honor in the 1790s, and the invitation was a clear signal that guests of royalty would be welcome at their royal weddings.

The invitations were first given to the British monarchs who had recently departed for New York to celebrate the coronation of Queen Victoria.

In 1798, the British King and Queen were both attending the coronations of Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey.

For many years, the coronavision invitations were not officially announced and it was not until the early 2000s that the invitations became official.

The Royal Family of England, which includes the Queen and the Prince of Wales, is a separate royal family and is not part of the Royal Family.

During the coronational celebrations, the Royal Household members would gather in the Hall of the Most Holy Trinity to bless and toast the newly crowned king and queen.

The British monarchy was not included in the invitation list because of the coronaval tradition of keeping the royal family of England separate.

A Hallowek invitation is the highest honor that any sovereign can bestows upon a family member or friend, and it is reserved for the monarch or princess of the reigning family, according to the White House.

Halloween is a time for celebrations and revelry and celebrating the holiday with friends and family is important to many people.

This year’s invitations will go on sale Wednesday, May 19, for $20 each, according the White on White Party website.

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