A wedding invitation that includes a dinosaur, and the words, “free birthday invites.”

It’s a wedding invitation.

And it’s FREE.

That’s what Walgreen is saying.

The company says the invitation is available to all customers at all Walgrees locations in the U.S. and Canada.

The invitations, designed by designer Michael C. McBride, cost $19.99 for adults and $15.99 per child, plus $5.49 shipping and handling.

The invites can be downloaded and printed on cardstock, or you can order one online.

“The dinosaur wedding invitation is an iconic and recognizable wedding invitation for many of us, and we are excited to offer it to the entire Walgens family,” said Wendy Smith, Walgros senior vice president of corporate communications.

“It’s a perfect gift to your significant other for the first time, and for any occasion.”

In other words, the wedding invitation says “free invitations.”

But it’s actually a $2,500 deal.

You can order the dinosaur wedding invitations for $1,995, plus shipping and Handling.

“Walgreens has always prided itself on being the premier discount grocery store for kids, and this invitation is sure to be a hit with the kids,” said Michael McBride.

“We’re so excited to be able to bring it to Walgows customers.”

Kids can also order the wedding invitations online for $149.99.

But Walgills is not offering free wedding invitations.

They say it’s just a way to thank customers for their support.

The wedding invitation will also be available for purchase in store at select Walgores stores, as well as online at walgreens.com.

If you need to order the invitation, call the number on the invitation to get in touch with your local Walgues.

And if you’re going to Wal-Mart, the invitation can also be purchased at Wal-mart.com for $199.99 plus shipping.

That same Walgowns.com page says the wedding invites are available for a limited time only, but you have until May 16 to order them.

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