In 2017, Twitch announced that they were teaming up with a new bot-based invitation platform, Baby Shark, to help streamers bring their content to Twitch viewers.

It was a smart move for a number of reasons: the platform was designed for people who were already familiar with Twitch, who didn’t need to learn how to use a Twitch app, and who had a great time using their existing Twitch app.

Now that it’s here, we’re sharing the latest version of Baby Shark with us, which will include some interesting new features and functionality.

Here’s what you need to know about Baby Shark and its invite system.

Baby Shark is the newest addition to Twitch’s invite system, which was introduced in 2016.

In 2017 and 2018, the platform launched with the addition of more Twitch-branded apps, but also launched with a variety of other services, including Botting Clubhouse and Genesis Invitational.

Baby Shark’s invite features have been updated since that time, with the most notable additions coming in 2018, with Baby Shark v1.1.5.

Baby Sharks invite features are:1.

Select the Twitch channel(s) you’d like to invite to Twitch, and select which channels you want your content to appear in, including your Twitch name and profile picture.2.

Select whether you’d rather receive an invitation in the form of a video or a link in your profile.3.

Select which channels to invite.

The channels you select will be shown to all users in the stream and can be muted, muted to the right of the chat, or shown in the list at the top of the screen.4.

The list of channels you’re invited to will change based on the amount of time you’ve streamed in the channel.5: Choose which channels can be used for invitations in the main Twitch app (see above).6: Click on the invite button to start watching.

The video will start immediately.7: You can view all of the channels that have been chosen as your guests in your account’s profile.

You can also review the videos that have received invites in your list.8: After you’ve watched a video, the app will automatically upload it to the Twitch app’s “Featured Games” tab, which allows you to see the current game’s stats and score.9: You’ll receive an email when a video has been added to the featured games list, which includes a link to download the full version of the video.10: You’re free to select as many guests as you want, and each guest can watch up to three of the videos on a channel.

You’ll be able to mute a guest in the chat as well, or mute them to the left of the channel chat.11: After a guest has watched a YouTube video, you can also view the YouTube channel where the video was recorded.

You’re also able to use your phone’s microphone to send an invite to the guest in question.12: When a guest is watching another guest, they can use the microphone to let the guest know they’re doing so.

The person who received the invite can see the message.13: You are able to add a guest to a channel, but you’ll have to wait for a few minutes before they can add another guest.14: When you invite someone to your channel, they’ll be prompted to confirm the invite and receive an invite code that will grant them access to the channel if they’re logged in and open the channel with their Twitch account.15: You will not be able see other guests who have previously invited you on your channel.16: If you’re logged into your account with a Twitch account and a friend has already added you as a guest on another channel, you’ll see them with your invite code.

You will then need to add them back.17: You won’t be able access any of the live content that has been shown in your channel until a few hours after the video is played.18: If a guest wants to add someone to their channel but you don’t have a channel in which to invite them, you will need to ask them to add you on another account.19: You may only have one guest on a single channel at a time.20: You must have Twitch app and YouTube app enabled for a guest that is added as a Guest on a specific channel to be able add them as a new Guest.21: You need to create a new channel for a Guest and select their Twitch name from the “Join” dropdown menu.22: The guest will receive an automated notification that they have joined a channel and can start streaming immediately.23: You don’t need an invite in the Twitch chat for a new guest to join your channel and start streaming.24: If the guest you invite is not in your stream and the chat is not open, you may have to

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