A couple of years ago, I decided to take the plunge and write an article on how to select an awesome invitation to give to your friends.

I was lucky enough to get a bunch of great recommendations from friends and family, so here are my picks for the best invitations.1.

The Great Birdie Award – If youre going to be having a special occasion, then this is the invitation youll be handing out.

It can also be worn as a wedding gift, and it is always a pleasure to see how people react to it.

It has a wide variety of colours, and its great for showcasing the love of a couple.2.

The Birdie Awards – The Birdies award is given out at the beginning of every year at the Birdies in the Woods awards.

Its a really simple design, which means its easy to keep on hand and is an ideal gift for any couple.3.

Wedding Invitations for the Holidays – This is a really great idea, and has been around for decades, but the reality is that the majority of the time, people are only thinking of the wedding invitations theyre given for the day.

You can have a little fun with the theme of the month by including a fun holiday-themed item, such as a holiday gift box, and you could also choose a theme for the guests.4.

The Boho Wedding – Its a great idea for any bride or groom.

The theme of this invitation can range from “sporty” to “fashionable”, and its something that any couple can make their own.

It will be a great way to present the couple to a wider audience and give the guests a good reason to visit you on the day of the event.5.

The Big Wedding Invitation – This invitation is also really a great opportunity to showcase your new love.

It is one of the more formal wedding invitations and you can create an entire party for the occasion, which can be done as a group or as a private wedding.6.

The Birthday Wedding Invites – A good idea for couples who dont want to spend too much time on the planning phase of their wedding.

It allows for a little bit of spontaneity and the couple can also create their own party for it.7.

The Little Wedding Invite – This invites has a different feel to the traditional wedding invitations.

It may be a little less formal, but its also really cute and can be worn by any couple, which is what makes it such a fun option.8.

The Love Ball Invitation (or The Little Ball Invite) – This could be a good idea if youre planning to do a big wedding and dont have a lot of time to plan.

Its something that can be used to introduce a couple and also can be enjoyed by guests.9.

The Wedding Invited – This one is a little different.

Its one of those invitations that youve got to get for your friends and relatives who dont normally attend weddings.

Its perfect for couples that dont want a lot to show, or are looking for something a little more informal.10.

The Holiday Invitation for a Wedding – A great idea to invite your friends to a wedding and get them to invite you.

Its another great way for couples to introduce each other.11.

The New Year’s Invitation- Its a pretty simple idea, but if you are planning to go for a long weekend and dont want guests to arrive before the holiday, this is an excellent way to show your appreciation for the couple youre proposing to.12.

The Special Guest Invitation and Wedding Invitated – Both of these are pretty standard wedding invitations for couples.

Both have the theme, “special guest”, and are a great addition to the invitations youll get.13.

The Happy Birthday Invitation is an alternative to the Birthday Invite, because youll have to wait a little longer to receive your invitation, but youll still get a great message.

It looks a little weird, but is really simple to make and can make a great gift for a friend.14.

The First Anniversary Invitation has a slightly different feel than the other ones, because it has a little surprise attached to it that can help make it more unique.15.

The Guest Invitations are an amazing idea for parties and parties for couples, because they give couples a chance to showcase their friends and colleagues in front of guests, and also show them off in front the whole group.16.

The Family Invitation with Guest Invites and Invitations is another great idea if your expecting a big group.

You could use this to showcase all your friends, colleagues and family members.17.

The Invitation from a Party or Club is a great one for couples looking to party and invite friends.

Youll get the party’s theme, but also can add in your own special theme or create a party for a special day, which could be for the family or

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