The Minted invitation is one of the most popular forms of invitation.

It is simple, easy and easy to make.

However, there are a few steps that you need to take to make it a success.1.

Make sure you use the right kind of paper.

It doesn’t matter if it’s cardstock, a thick card or a thin paper.

Paper should be made of something that can withstand a shock or vibration.


Use a colour scheme that matches the decor of the guest house.

For instance, you could use a colour theme like pink, orange, blue or white.


Use the right size.

The guest house should be able to hold more than two people.


Put the right colours on the invitations.

They should be light blue, orange or pink.


Use stamps or decorations to add a touch of class.

A stamp or a piece of fabric would be ideal for this.


Make a little something for the guests to sign.

This can be a note or a thank you card.


Fill the guest room with decorations.

If there is no room for guests to relax, you can make a sofa or a bed.

It would be very hard to miss something special for the visitors.8.

Add a touch with a flower or rose or something from the local garden.9.

Make the invitations easy to clean.

A small number of guest-makers would need to clean them daily, even if they are not busy at work.10.

Add some festive touches.

It could be a piece from a local shop or a cake or a little gift box.

It may even be a little piece of wood from a tree.11.

Add your name to the invitation.

You could be asked to sign the invitations and make the invitation yourself.12.

Fill out the forms and send them to the hostel.

You might have to wait for a few days, but it could be worth it.

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