See how wedding invitations are changing with the new HealthIQ app

When you’re married, it can feel a little bit like you’re sharing your life with a new family member.But you might not be sharing enough information.You might not even know about your new baby, or even know how to use your new appointment calendar.But the HealthIQ service that will bring more information to the party […]

When do you need to have a wedding invitation in the future?

When should you be sending wedding invitations?We have been here before and know exactly what we are talking about when we say wedding invitations.In the past, we have said it should be sent as soon as possible, and in recent times we have also advocated for sending invitations as soon that it is possible.We are […]

5 ways to decorate your wedding invitations 2018

The theme for our next event was an invitation to an event.I had a few ideas for decorations, but I was a bit nervous about having a lot of them hanging up in my room, so I decided to create a simple, but elegant, and fun set of wedding invitations that I could put up […]

Top 5 Wedding Decor Ideas for 2017

This year, you can expect to see more and more traditional wedding decorations that have been designed to make you feel like a princess.From bridal gowns to formal gowns and more, we’ve got the top wedding decor ideas for 2017.1.Gowns and gowns by The Closet1.Wedding dresses by The Bazaar1.Chairs by The Big Top1.Dresses by The […]

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