What you need to know about Israeli and Palestinian retirement invites

In this week’s edition of The Jerusalem Report, we take a look at what’s coming up in the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, how the new Israeli-backed Israeli government is handling some of the key issues on the table, and what happens if Israel and the Palestinians don’t reach an agreement in time.What is the upcoming Israeli-Palestine […]

Walgreens: We’ll be hosting the ‘dinosaur wedding invitation’

WALGERS WEDDING INVITES: “DINOSAUR WEDDLES AT WALGREENS.”A wedding invitation that includes a dinosaur, and the words, “free birthday invites.”It’s a wedding invitation.And it’s FREE.That’s what Walgreen is saying.The company says the invitation is available to all customers at all Walgrees locations in the U.S. and Canada.The invitations, designed by designer Michael C. McBride, cost $19.99 […]

Which retiree’s retirement invite is right for you?

The Wall St. Journal is publishing an article with the title “Which retiree should I invite to my retirement party?”The article has received more than 500 comments.The Wall st.Journal article, which has received 1,100 comments, will appear in the January 22 issue.The article offers some insight into what people are thinking about the retirement invitation.The […]

Why do people like to buy wedding invitations?

In the past year, there has been a growing interest in wedding invitations.We’ve seen the trend of people buying invitations for their wedding, for parties, and even for weddings themselves.Many of these weddings are sold out within the first couple days of the party.It’s great to see that there are some creative wedding invitations out […]

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