Why you might not be able to attend the Royal Wedding – Google

A year ago, Google introduced a new search feature that allowed people to search for the word “royal” on their phone.The search results now have a different search box: royal wedding invitations.While that may sound like an insignificant change, the Google team thought the feature would help people find the invitations, so they kept it.That’s […]

Frozen Wedding Invitations Are Coming Soon to You

I know that there are a lot of wedding invitations out there and I’m sure that they are pretty cute and are probably pretty hard to come by.But what if you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding invitation?Well, here’s a free and easy way to make a wedding invite that is […]

Crypto Coins Review: Hugo’s Invitados

By Hugo Miro, Head of Operations at Hugo Labs, Hugo, France, January 06, 2019, 20:12:26Czech crypto-currency company Hugo is looking for a team of engineers, product developers, and business experts to work on the company’s upcoming Invitado ICO, according to a press release issued by Hugo on January 6, 2019.Hugo said the ICO will be […]

‘Dinosaur birthday invitation’ to be given to ‘uncomfortable’ guests

DUNCAN, Australia — The Australian Museum has been ordered to remove an invitation for a birthday party to be held at the museum in the lead-up to its 65th birthday.The invitation for the birthday celebration was posted on its Facebook page on Friday with a photo of a man wearing a T-shirt with the words […]

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